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Wilco Keeps Bust Outs Coming At Sky Blue Sky In Mexico

JAMBASE - January 20, 2020

Wilco have laid the groundwork for going repeatless during their three performances at the inaugural Sky Blue Sky destination event at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico by delivering a Sunday night set that didn’t contain any songs played on Saturday. The band fit a number of tunes they hadn’t performed in years into Sunday’s set.

The rarities came right from the start as Wilco opened with the first “Wilco (The Song)” since December 8, 2014 and just the third since 2012. Next up was just the second “Wishful Thinking” of the past four years and the return of Summerteeth track “Can’t Stand It” after three-and-a-half years. A series of staples followed in “Before Us,” “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart,” “Kamera” and “If I Ever Was A Child.” Then, Wilco busted out “That’s Not The Issue” from their 1995 debut album A.M. for the first time since October 29, 2014 and just the third time since 2010.

Wilco dusted off “Walken” next as the Sky Blue Sky gem returned after more than three years. 2019’s Ode To Joy was then represented by “White Wooden Cross” before the sextet performed Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’s “Pot Kettle Black” for the first time since November 17, 2017. The show continued with a run of “How To Fight Loneliness,” “Bull Black Nova” and “Random Name Generator” ahead of just the second “Sky Blue Sky” since 2016. Next, “Kingpin” came back after three years on the shelf and then Wilco ended the set with heavy rotation favorites “Box Full Of Letters,” “Theologians,” “Jesus, Etc.,” “We Were Lucky,” “Love Is Everywhere (Beware),” “The Late Greats” and “Misunderstood.” More rarities were found in Sunday’s encore as “Monday” was played for the third time since 2017 and “Hoodoo Voodoo” made its triumphant return for the first time since 2017 to close out the night.