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Our Man in Mexico: Panic en La Playa

MUSIC FEST NEWS - March 18, 2017

This is the pinnacle event for all Spreadheads, and the sixth installment for WSP exceeded all expectations.

Five days, four nights, 2500 of your closest friends, and your favorite band crushing it every night… priceless.

Widespread Panic every night at 8 PM and daily events including a golf tournament, bingo, poker, charity auction and pre- and post-concerts with performances by Orgōne, Bloodkin, Col. Bruce Hampton, George Porter, Jr., Karl Denson, Eric Krasno, Ivan Neville, Jennifer Hartswick, Terence Higgins, JJ Grey & Mofro, Luther Dickinson, Anders Osborne, and Marc Broussard equaled crème de la crème.

The all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya provided an excellent backdrop for all activities, day and night and service; staff were excelente.

For someone who’s seen nearly 400 shows, but never a La Playa, this was extra special as, finally, I did experience the true “Panic en La Playa.”  I can say: it’s not only about the music we love so dearly; it is about being with your closest friends, meeting new friends, and being together for five days… or more.

I will never miss it again.

WSP opened the first show with a “One Armed Steve” to get us started and there was no looking back…

02/27/17 Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Riviera Maya, Mexico

1: One Arm Steve, Send Your Mind, Weight Of The World, Old Neighborhood, Cotton Was King, Honky Red > Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > Blight > Climb To Safety

2: Mr. Soul, Visiting Day, Second Skin > Rebirtha > Cease Fire > Driving Song > Disco > Driving Song > Drums > Proving Ground > Solid Rock > Proving Ground > Action Man

E: Vacation, Bust It Big

[Panic en la Playa Seis; ‘Rebirtha’ with inverted intro.]    

02/28/17 Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Riviera Maya, Mexico

1: Love Tractor, Holden Oversoul, Tall Boy > Jam > Little Lilly > All Time Low, 1 x 1, Thought Sausage, Waitin’ For The Bus > Jesus Just Left Chicago

2: Tail Dragger, Dyin’ Man, Christmas Katie > Let It Rock > Rock, Time Zones, Worry > One Kind Favor > Fishwater > Drums > I Walk On Guilded Splinters > Fishwater

E: Pilgrims, Blackout Blues

03/01/17 Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Riviera Maya, Mexico

1: Glory, Greta, Goodpeople, Genesis, You Got Yours, Diner > The Take Out > Sleeping Man > Porch Song

2: B of D, Up All Night, Machine > Barstools and Dreamers, Radio Child, Shut Up And Drive, I’m Not Alone, Bowlegged Woman, Papa’s Home, North

E: Imitation Leather Shoes, Protein Drink

03/02/17 Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Riviera Maya, Mexico

1: Sewing Machine, Conrad, Space Wrangler, Travelin’ Light, Dirty Side Down, Walkin’ (For Your Love), Steven’s Cat, Sell Sell*, Use Me**, Red Hot Mama***

2: Henry Parsons Died****, Can’t Get High****, Surprise Valley > Ride Me High > Surprise Valley > Airplane > You Should Be Glad, Time Is Free*****, Time Waits For No One > Drums > Contentment Blues > Chilly Water

E: Blue Indian, Life During Wartime

Setlists source: Everyday Companion

I highly recommend Panic en La Playa for all, it definitely makes a difference!!