Hey friends,
I’m so sad to have to tell you that our beloved Girls Just Wanna Weekend isn’t happening in 2021.

I need folks that might be feeling defeated to know that it isn’t because there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, it isn’t because we still believe that the Covid-19 virus will be this debilitating in 2021. We simply don’t know.

Our promoter is in a difficult position and needs to make a decision now, even though the event is many months away. And there are simply too many unknowns with the current public health crisis for them to feel like moving forward is the right thing to do at this point.

My deepest concern is that postponing our festival this far out might make any of you lose hope. On the contrary, we WILL be together again and we will celebrate with even more hope and determination in a changed world. (I will be in that hot tub come hell or high water!)

Anyone who has made a deposit can get a refund or simply shift their deposits to next year. We don’t know what’s ahead of us but the island of the misfit toys is eternal and the Ladies Of The 80’s will prevail.

Don’t lose hope, we’ll be together again soon…


Already Have A Pre-Book?
If you want to hold your spot for Girls Just Wanna Weekend 3 in 2022 and are comfortable keeping your Pre-book as is, no action is required. When the time comes, room selection and booking order will be honored as they stand now.

If you are unsure about attending our next adventure or need to have the money in hand right now, we understand. Simply fill out a Pre-book Cancellation Form online.

We are offering full refunds to anyone who completes the form by July 23, 2020. Beginning July 24th, any cancellation received will still be subject to the $50 administrative fee as outlined in the Terms & Conditions of your Pre-book purchase. Anyone who cancelled their Girls Just Wanna Weekend 3 Pre-book prior to July 9th will automatically be refunded their $50 administration fee.

If you signed up for the Waitlist and would like to cancel your deposit, please send the Travel Team an email. If you want to join the Waitlist for Girls Just Wanna Weekend 3, you can sign up HERE.


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