Meet the Crew

Cloud 9 Adventures is a diverse group of industry professionals who work hard doing what they love - read on to meet the team!

  • Mark Brown Managing Partner

    Mark is the founding partner and visionary at Cloud 9. Originally from Richmond, VA he got into the music business after graduating from University of Maryland and opening his first venue. Always inspired to dream big, he imagined creating music themed vacations with higher end amenities and made that dream a reality by forming Cloud 9 Adventures in 2003. The 3 albums he would have with him on a deserted island are: My Morning Jacket - Okonokos, Wilco - What's Your 20?, Neil Young - Live Rust

  • Josh Moore Partner/Talent Buyer

    Josh is a partner and talent buyer who also works with a diverse list of highly respected artists, agents and managers at his day job with The Bowery Presents. An industry veteran who is loved by all, his deep connections and respect in the industry position him to book some of the best artists in the world. The 3 albums he would have with him on a deserted island are: Lionel Richie - Can't Slow Down, Lionel Richie - Dancing on the Ceiling, Lionel Richie - Self Titled

  • Roger Naber Partner

    A blues music industry professional for more than 30 years, Roger is a music cruise pioneer. He started producing The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise in 1992 and now does cruises 2 each year. Organizing the overwhelming logistics of a music event on a cruise ship has become almost second nature to this industry veteran.

  • Kelly Viau Business Development

    Hailing from Motown and having lived in all regions of the U.S., Kelly developed a love for Rock n Roll and Detroit Techno as a child. This evolved into a passion for music as a catalyst for change that breaks down barriers and brings people together. A forward thinker with a keen business sense, Kelly has been instrumental in the growth of the company since 2006. The 3 albums she would have on a deserted island are: Grateful Dead - Barton Hall 5/8/77, Phish - 3/22/93, My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves

  • Kristen Schneeloch VP of Sales & Travel

    After years of trading stocks on Wall Street, Schnee traded in her power suit to pursue her passions. Driven by her love of putting on a great show and feeling the energy in the crowd that comes with it. She looks forward to someday planning trips to the moon and beyond. The 3 albums she would have on a deserted island are: Dubtribe Soundsystem - Bryant Street, Velvet Underground - Live at Max’s Kansas City, Notorious B.I.G. - Ready to Die

  • Mary Chamberlain Director of Finance

    Mary is a jack of all trades who brings her fun-loving spirit to all that she does. Both an actress and voice-over specialist, she can be heard across the country on National TV & local radio. Her creative talents & organizational skills enhance her ability to work with artists, staff and management on important business matters. Also a Positive Legacy Board member, Mary has been a key player at Cloud 9 since 2004.

  • Nate Sadler Marketing Director

    Nate comes to Cloud 9 from Charlottesville, VA where he spent years in the beer industry. A Jam Cruise Lifer, Nate has helped develop Brews at Sea, Chefs at Sea, and Masters Camp at Sea programs. His passion for music, marketing and promotions has made his transition into the music industry natural. His happy place is watching live music with good friends and good beer. The 3 albums he would have on a deserted island are: Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Waylon & Willie - Self Titled, Phish - Junta

  • Annabel Lukins Director of Programming & Artist Experiences

    Cloud 9's 5-foot wonder, Annabel's infectious enthusiasm charms artists and fans alike. She has been with Cloud 9 since the beginning and can be found welcoming guests during a toast on stage, dancing through the crowd, and running around behind the scenes making things happen. Her favorite trip was to Japan and her goal is to visit Africa. The 3 albums she would have with her on a deserted island are: Paul Simon - Graceland, Phish - A Picture of Nectar, Percy Hill - Color in Bloom

  • Jon Sweetwood Designer/Web Developer

    Jon learned the music business from the inside out. Having spent his 20's touring the US in a rock band, he learned the importance of creating a compelling atmosphere around concert events to keep fans engaged. Trading in a guitar for a laptop, he continues to apply these principles in branding strategies, web development, & creative content for Cloud 9. The 3 albums he would have on a deserted island are: Paul Simon - Negotiations & Love Songs, Radiohead - The Bends, Jellyfish - Spilt Milk

  • Jordan Kocen Project Manager

    Originally from Richmond, Virgina, Jordan graduated from Radford University in 2014. During college he spent his summer & winter breaks interning at Cloud 9. Some of his hobbies include seeing live music, watching the Philadelphia Eagles, and traveling. His best travel experience has been visiting Santorini, Greece, and his next travel destination goal is to visit Thailand. The 3 albums he would have on deserted island are: Dave Matthews - Crash, Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III, Michael Franti - Yell Fire

  • Liz Reznichek Project Manager

    Liz adventured to Cloud 9 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin and spending 2 years working with the Milwaukee Bucks. She can be found drinking copious amounts of coffee, deciding on her next travel destination, and seeing live music. Her favorite vacation is an annual family road trip to a Minnesota cabin, but she can’t wait to visit her college roommate in Singapore. The 3 albums Liz would bring to a deserted island are: Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill, Eminem - The Eminem Show, Ari Herstand - Live at the Pause

  • Kevin Thomas Marketing Coordinator

    Born and raised in Colorado, Kevin has worked for years in the venue side of the music industry. Having been both the Manager and Marketing Director of several music venues, his work experience and love of music brings a variety of skills to the Cloud 9 team. When he is not enjoying live music, you’re likely to find him in the yoga studio. The 3 albums he would have on a deserted island are: The Beatles - Abbey Road, The Band - The Last Waltz, Tycho - Awake

  • Alissa Fuller Administrative Assistant

    Originally from Georgia, Alissa spent her college years at the University of Georgia in the awesome music town of Athens. She enjoys traveling the world, seeing live music and living by the ocean. The two best traveling experiences she has had is spending time in India and Australia. Her next travel destination goal is to visit Thailand. The 3 albums she would have on a deserted island are: Phish - The Story of the Ghost, Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin, Tool - Lateralus

  • Brittany Anderson Transportation & Guest Relations

    Originally from Jacksonville, FL, Brittany started at Cloud 9 as an intern, officially joining the team following college graduation from Florida State University in 2014. Her favorite genre of music is Indie electronic music. Her greatest achievement was hiking the Appalachian Trail for two weeks. One of her travel goals in life is to backpack through Europe and Asia. The 3 albums she would have on a deserted island are: ODESZA - In Return, Glass Animals - How to be a Human Being, Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium.

  • Carrie Kaufman Travel & Guest Communications

    Originally from Ohio, Carrie developed a love of music and travel at an early age. She attended the University of Vermont and spent time studying abroad in Italy & Bali. Carrie's first Cloud 9 adventure was Jam Cruise 12 and after that, she was hooked! One thing on her bucket list is to see the 7 wonders of the world and the next place she wants to visit is Croatia. The 3 albums she would have with her on a deserted island are: Dr. Dre - The Chronic 2001, Lotus - Nomad, The Grateful Dead - Workingman's Dead

  • Michele Russo Guest Relations and Loyalty Programs

    Michele landed at Cloud 9 after several years of work and play in the Colorado mountains & music scene. Years of music festival experience helped her become the seasoned veteran that she is today. Her connection with the fans and her dedication to the live music experience makes her a key part of the Cloud 9 Travel team. The 3 albums she would have with her on a deserted island are: Michael Jackson - Thriller, Phish - Rift, Led Zeppelin - Houses of Holy

  • Samantha Rosenbaum Artist Travel & Guest Relations

    A Florida native, Samantha has always loved the beach. This took her from her hometown of Miami to live in Maui, Hawaii where she worked in the hotel industry and enjoyed island life. She moved back to Florida to be near her family, and from there met a fellow Phish lover; now her husband. They are parents to a baby boy. As a lover of both music and traveling, her next destination goal is to visit Thailand. The 3 albums she would have on a deserted island are: Grateful Dead - American Beauty, The Beatles - Abbey Road, Greensky Bluegrass - Five Interstates

  • Levi Rutledge Travel & Guest Relations

    A native Indiana Hoosier, Levi found a passion for live music after attending his first Disco Biscuits shows in 2007. After graduating from Indiana University, he moved to southern Germany where he was able to visit over a dozen countries before moving back to Indianapolis to work in a premier hotel. His favorite travel experience was a road trip through the Balkans, & next travel goal is to visit South America. The 3 albums he would have on a deserted island are: Phish - Cuyahoga Falls 6/4/11, Grateful Dead - Rich Stadium 7/4/89, Ween – Chocolate and Cheese

  • Samantha Richey Travel & Guest Relations

    Sam was bit by the showbiz bug at a young age, growing up in a family active in the film industry. After briefly studying Music Business & Pre-law at Middle Tennessee State University, she moved to South Florida and began working in the underground Miami music scene. Her favorite yearly road trip is visiting her grandma in Louisville for Thanksgiving. Sam's travel aspiration is to visit Basque country with her son. The 3 albums she would have on a deserted island are: Parliament - Mothership Connection, David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and Spiders from Mars, Outkast - ATLiens

  • Carly Dauscher Travel & Guest Relations

    Born and raised in Tampa, FL, Carly got her foot in the door at Cloud 9 as an intern during her final semester at FAU. After graduation, she followed her passion for travel and adventure on a backpacking trip through New Zealand. A girl consumed of wanderlust, her next travel goals are Iceland and Southeast Asia. The 3 albums she would have on a deserted island are: Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - E. Eternal 1999, Glass Animals - Zaba, The Lumineers - The Lumineers. 

  • Marni Jones Travel & Guest Relations

    Coming from a small town in Midcoast Maine, Marni ventured down south to follow her passion for live music and entertainment. Having immersed herself in the music festival scene during school, she joined the Cloud 9 team shortly after graduation. Every year Marni travels back home to spend time at her family cottage on a remote island off the coast of Maine. The first big adventure in her future is New Zealand. The 3 albums she would have on a deserted island are: Umphrey’s McGee - Hall of Fame: Class of 2014, Grateful Dead - American Beauty, Phish - Coral Sky

  • Fozzie Treat Eating Director

    Fozzie is an 13 year old puppy that has deep love for tennis balls, belly rubs, naps, and especially treats. His signature dance move when getting a treat is the "Fozzie Two-Step" (coincidentally, "Two-Step" by Dave Matthews Band is his favorite song). He's a happy ol' pup, except when he barks at the occasional passerby.

  • Boogie Treat Eating Apprentice

    Boogie enjoys running around the office with his buddies, belly rubs, and eating a variety of inedible items. He's a firm believer in the philosophy that all paths lead to the dog park. He currently holds the highly esteemed title as "the longest dog in the world".